Tashia-Dam,-Chief-Pedagogy-Officer,- Area9-Lyceum
Tashia Dam / Area9-Lyceum

Tashia Dam is a seasoned Chief Pedagogy Officer with 15 years of experience in the intelligent tech industry, specializing in General Pedagogics and Philosophy of Education. Passionate about talent development and fostering growth, Tashia leverages her knowledge of education’s role in Western history to develop innovative educational tech.

Having studied and lectured at the University of Copenhagen, Tashia gained tech experience at Area9 and Writereader. She currently leads pedagogical and educational initiatives at Area9 Lyceum and serves as an advisor at Århus University and Copenhagen University. Tashia contributed her expertise to the Danish Ministry of Education on digitization in education from 2017 to 2018.

With competencies in research, innovation, citizenship, democracy, philosophy of education, learning engineering, data strategies, and agile software development, Tashia is an inspiring speaker on educational technology’s impact on the future.