Dr. Sherri Restauri / AST

DrSherri Restauri, Senior Customer Success Manager, Automatic Sync Technologies (AST)
For over 20 years, Sherri has served in the higher education space and advocated for equitable access for all learners, working alongside academic college deans, provosts, and other campus leaders to collaboratively establish a fully-inclusive, supportive campus culture for all, faculty, staff, and students alike. Through development and collaborative leadership of campus-wide initiatives and professional development outreach on her home campuses and on a global level, Sherri has advocated for and pushed forward open and inclusive access at each of her institutions, using well-planned outreach and educational programs and services. In her various roles of faculty member, instructional designer, trainer and senior digital learning administrator, Sherri taught thousands of educational sessions for individual, small and large groups of faculty, staff and students, and is excited to bring these years of expertise into our group to collaborate with higher education partners through educational and professional development and growth opportunities.